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Privacy Fencing: 3 Things You Didn't Know

There are numerous benefits associated with installing a fence around your property, including keeping pets and small children in your yard and defining your property lines. A privacy fence takes things one step further and helps to create privacy in your outdoor space, ensuring your neighbors can't watch as you soak in your pool, lie in the sun, or host a family barbecue. According to NASDAQ, the price of privacy fencing can vary, costing anywhere from $12 to $50 per linear foot. This price depends on the materials used, how tall the fence is, and local installation costs where you live. Regardless of how much you pay, a privacy fence is an excellent investment for your property. Here are three things that you may not know about privacy fencing.

A Privacy Fence Is Different From a Regular Fence

One thing that you may not know about privacy fencing is how it differs from a regular fence. Regular fences typically have small gaps in the boards of the fencing. This can allow people to look into your yard. A privacy fence places the boards close together so there aren't any gaps between them. This helps to ensure no one can see through your fence.

Privacy Fencing Can Be Made From Many Different Materials

Another thing that many people don't know about privacy fencing is that it can be made from several different materials. Most people think of wood when they think of fencing, but this is not the only material used for privacy fencing. Some of the various materials that privacy fencing can be made from include wood, metal, masonry, and vinyl.

Steps to Take Prior to Installing a Privacy Fence

The last thing that you may not know about privacy fencing is what you need to do before having a privacy fence installed. You need to locate your property line, check your HOA to find out about any restrictions that may be in place regarding fencing, and obtain quotes from fencing companies before you even think about installing a privacy fence. All of this information is vital to helping you find the right options for your privacy fence.

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