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3 Reasons Wooden Fences Are So Popular

When creating a fence around your home, you have a choice of materials. However, wood is one of the most popular options your local fencing company has to install. Wood is a natural material that never goes out of style, has variety, and is simply beautiful. Let's look at some reasons why wood fences are so popular for homes.

1. Customizable

If you plan to customize your fence, wood is the way to go. Use a wood fence to blend in with the overall look of your home or business. In addition to selecting the type of wood you want, you can further customize it with paint, refinishing, carving designs, you name it. Cut it to any height for optimal privacy as well. If you want to expand your fence or need repairs, having wood will make the job go much faster than other materials like metal.

2. Longevity

Did you know that, according to Forbes, wood is the most common material for installing privacy fences, as they can last up to 20 years? One of the reasons wood lasts for so long is it can resist damage from decay, bugs, and the elements with proper protection and maintenance. You can always have your wood fence sealed by your local contractor to preserve the life of the wood. As trends may change over the years, wood never goes out of style. So, once your local fencing company installs your beautiful wooden fence, you may be able to keep it up for the lifetime that you live in that house without changing it.

3. Eco-Friendly

If you're environmentally conscious, a wood fence is a great addition to the home or business. You don't need to fret over using new wood, since old wood can work as long as it's in good condition. Once your wooden fence has reached the end of its life cycle, take advantage of its biodegradable properties and use it as compost. Other ways to continue to repurpose your old wood, include art projects, jewelry, wood chips for fuel, and more.

When you contact your local fencing company for a wood fence, you're making a good choice. This beautiful natural material never goes out of style and is always good for the environment. Use it for protection, increase home value, or have fun with the design. Contact our local fencing professionals at Black Ops Fence today to get started on a fence that can last decades.

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